Chart Music #11: January 14th 1982 – David Van Day’s Chart Music

The eleventh episode of the podcast which asks: is anyone willing to swap a Fonz action figure for a ‘Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets – Heterosexual Rock n’ Roll’ badge?

This episode, Pop-Crazed Youngsters, has been a bastard to put together, and the sound quality may be a bit manky at times – but oh, what a glistening slab of televisual spangliness awaits us. It’s a full-on Flags & Balloons TOTP, this one, overseen by the circular face of The Hairy Breakfast Brunch Bar (who has wisely been kept away from The Kids and is monitored at all times), and the air is ripe with the soggy Lycra tang of the universally-despised Zoo.

But no matter – this episode is a veritable time capsule of the early 80s. Kool and The Gang drop the world’s most unwatchable video ever, which is danced to by another not-very-good troupe, Shakin’ Stevens places his white-shod foot upon the throat of the charts of the Eighties, DLT commands the BBC cameramen to stalk Claire Grogan at all times, The Stranglers look on in disgust at Zoo, and there’s the longest discussion of Brown Sauce ever conducted by three grown men. And Dollar. And Bucks Fizz.

Al Needham is joined by Taylor Parkes and Simon Price for a solid examination of a glorious episode of The Pops, veering off to brag about who they’ve had a drink with, why you shouldn’t use Dettol to treat facial acne, seeing Morph laid out in a glass coffin, the declining standards of World Cup mascots, and getting battered on Top Of The Form because of Noel fucking Coward. And swearing. AND Chris Needham’s new record!

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4 thoughts on “Chart Music #11: January 14th 1982 – David Van Day’s Chart Music

  1. Fantastic podcast, fellas. Really wonderful entertainment.

    And here’s a thing: D*** L** T***** is not only a big fan of Elkie Brooks – he was always a big fan of Chris Rea too. I once went to a Chris Rea concert at Wembley Arena, and just before the show started, in he came to take his seat in front of the stage. Muppet.

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  2. I love this podcast. The first one I was intrigued,the next one I was shouting at the ipad for all the smart comments and then by the third I got it! As a life long lover of pop music this is now essential listening for me. I may not always agree with the “experts” but mostly I do. I still think even the shittist naff pop groups of the 70’s have produced at least one great pop song and I would rather listen to an album by Liquid Gold than by Ed Sheeran. POP is now so depressing, and Top of the pops….well anything with that talentless vacuous shell that is Fern Cottone is unwatchable. She is the nail in the coffin lid for me. Keep up the great work and feel free to slag off my faves!

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