Chart Music #25: June 22nd 1973 – Peppa Pig Versus The IRA Pub Bombers


The latest episode of the podcast which asks: Top Of The Pops? On a Friday? Arseholes to that!

This episode of The Pops has been hand-picked by the Pop-Crazed Youngsters on our Patreon account, and they did us proud with this one: a episode from the Most Seventies Year Ever hosted by none other than Kenny Everett. He only did six of these, and there’s only one left in the BBC archives, but the one we’re pulling apart is one that has been yanked from someone else’s private collection. So how does the mad scientist of the twin Grundig reel-to-reel come off when he’s not doing his own show and is being told what to do by an exasperated floor manager? Open your tabs to our sexy, sexy Pop-blather and find out for yourselves.

Musicwise, it’s not the Glam-binge we were hoping for, but it’s a very sugary Pic n’ Mix of Pop confectionery. Brian Johnson – the Andy Capp of Metal – pitches up with Geordie. Barry White in full rut is coupled with Svankmajeresque stop-motion mentalness. Peters and Lee pop up again. Mr You-Can-Do-It-Right-Now-Please helps Roger Moore get his leg over Solitaire. Slade deliver the Great Missing #1 of the era, just before it all goes tragically wrong, Dave Edmunds lives the karaoke singer’s worst nightmare, and some white herberts in Arthur Mullard flares burst out of the Trojan horse. And Pans People pull on stockings and suspenders and still manage to not be particularly sexy about it.

Al NeedhamDavid Stubbs and Simon Price huddle around the flickering candle of 1973, veering off on tangents such as saying the wrong thing at Dad funerals, Leeds United-hating, hearing about death while watching people shagging on a podium, accepting an award for a Pop star and not bothering to give it to them, and what Noel Edmonds’ super-power would be. Oh, and two words: Bummerdog Update.

As always, there’s loads of swearing, but it’s all done in the best paahsable taste.

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