Chart Music #49: January 7th 1982 – Yellow Hurll


The latest episode of the podcast which asks: would you treat YOUR kids to a day out at Flick Colby’s Zoo?

We’re returning to one of our favourite years for music television discussion, Pop-Crazed Youngsters, but if you think it’s another Eighventies splurge, think on; that era is not only officially dead, but its corpse is being gleefully stepped upon by assorted Pineapple dance studio chaff. Peter Powell – when he’s not doing the Running Man – takes us through a chart which is coming out of hibernation after the Xmas truce, and what a battered selection box it turns out to be.

Musicwise, hmm: Zoo have their coming-out party, which involves a BDSM Cossack Human Centipede. Alton Edwards overdoes it with the Jheri Curl activator and fucks up his expensive jacket. There’s an appalling video of Foreigner in ‘action’. The pace picks up with Meat Loaf and Cher copping off with each other and the introduction of Romo Ralph Wiggum, but then The Mobiles forget to top themselves up. Shakatak. A bodybuilder with an eyepatch for pants makes an accidental Nazi salute at Peter Powell. Vangelis self-isolates with nine synths. The Number One Single reminds us how good things used to be. The Zoo Wankers desecrating Madness shows us how bad things are going to get.

Sarah Bee and Neil Kulkarni join Al Needham for an extensive tear-down of the first week of the Eighties Proper, veering off on such tangents as regional ITV, the humbling of Communism in Sneinton Market, mysterious greasy stains on bus windows, how 50% of Chart Music bonded over the Bummer’s Conga in Bristol in 1995, and why hiding cock photos under your housemate’s pillow isn’t the done thing. Probably even more swearing than usual.

Part 1: Preamble

Part 2: Philip Lynott, Foreigner, Alton Edwards

Part 3: Meat Loaf, Mobiles, Shakatak

Part 4: Jon & Vangelis, Human League, Madness

Full episode

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